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Bryan Medical Center has an immediate need for RAIN's Go-Live resources.  Areas of experience needed are Anesthesia and/or Cupid, any consultants interested in this Go Live must have one or both.  This is very short notice but RAIN was highly recommended to Bryan and if you can help that would be great.

NOTE:  To be eligible to join this Go Live you must have a Drug Screen and a Criminal Background Screen completed and ready to provide immediately.  It needs to be within the past 12 months, not enough time to get new screens done.

Anesthesia is the main knowledge Bryan is seeking.  There are also a few Cupid shifts.

This request is for non-providers who can support physicians.  The Go-Live is March 2 through March 23.  All positions will be at the Lincoln East and Lincoln West Campuses in Lincoln, NE.

Pay rate is for General Support, $42 for W-2 or $50 for 1099 for all shifts on this schedule.  Physicians are welcomed to participate but this client is NOT offering the Physician Rate.

We need everyone on the schedule to work at least 7 Days consecutively.  Most needs are the week of March 5-9 and then March 12-16.  Some shifts will also be March 19-23, but fewer.

All consultants must have a recent (since March 2017) Criminal Background Screen and  Drug Screen to be able to work onsite at Bryan Medical. 

Travel expense reimbursement plan includes $400 for roundtrip travel to Lincoln, NE and a per diem of $140 per day for each day on the schedule, and for any weekend dates (Saturday, Sunday) between full M-F weeks worked.  Must work minimum of 5 weekday shifts, preference is 7 days including weekends if available.

Most consultants will work all weekdays and weekend dates while in Lincoln.  Daily shifts will vary from 10 to 12 hours per day.

Bryan Medical has suggested that anyone flying to Nebraska may consider arriving in Omaha and driving to Lincoln.  All RAIN consultants makes their own arrangements, decide whatever is best for you.  Lincoln is about 6 hours driving distance from the Twin Cities, FYI.

RAIN is seeking 18 resources who are able to join this Go Live.  A schedule may be added, for now we are just using a Shift Request Form and will communicate directly with you to let you know assigned shifts.

This Go Live is starting March 1, if you are able to start immediately please let us know.

If you are interested and available, please complete and submit the Shift Request form below.

Note:  If you have already signed up to support this Bryan Go-Live with another vendor, you are not eligible to sign up with RAIN.


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