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RAIN Resources Member Types

Thank you for your interest in joining RAIN. Incomplete Registrations Will Not Be Considered For Membership.   You must include the name of the RAIN person who referred you to us.  If that information is not included you will not be accepted.

If you are registering to work on RAIN Go-Lives or other RAIN engagements, please note that if accepted as a RAIN Member you can then go to the RAIN CENTER and submit an Employment Application.  RAIN offers two employment options -- 1099 Independent Contractor or W-2 Employee.  If you elect to be a 1099 Independent Contractor you must be established as a Limited Liability Company (LLC), Sole Proprietor, or Corporation with your Secretary of State.  To establish your business type, go to your state's Secretary of State website to register your business and complete the business process.  It should be noted that you can be an employee of a healthcare organization and simultaneously be either a W-2 Employee or 1099 Independent Contractor with RAIN.

PLEASE NOTE:  RAIN membership to participate in Go-Live engagements IS NOT AUTOMATIC. For this membership request RAIN requires that you include a RAIN Resources reference contact name and email address. If this information is not provided, your registration will be automatically deleted. 

  1. All Member Types Require:
    • Current Use Of Epic Applications In Your Day To Day Activities.
    • Hands-On Epic Application Experience In Clinical Environment.
  2. Required Information:
    • Name of Organization (Employer or School Enrolled)
    • Email Address At Organization
    • Work Phone Number
    • Attach Current Resume
  3. Required Information About Person Referring You To RAIN:
    • First & Last Name 
    • Email Address
    • Current Telephone Number
    • How This Person Knows Your Epic Skills & Ability To Support RAIN Go-Live Engagements 
  4. Attention Current Y4 Medical Students:  Your Registration for Membership Will Be Considered If You Are Presently Attending One Of The Following Medical Schools:
    • University of Minnesota
    • University of Iowa
    • University of Wisconsin
    • Baylor College of Medicine
    • Medical College of Wisconsin
    • Oregon Health & Science University
    • Pritzker School of Medicine
    • University of Kansas
    • University of Utah
    • Loyola Stritch School of Medicine

Select Your MEMBER TYPE:





Minnesota Epic User Group

W-2 Employee of Minnesota, N.Dakota, or S.Dakota Healthcare Organization


Support RAIN's EPIC Go-Lives

W-2 Employee of Epic Implemented Healthcare Organizations OR Established as an Independent Contractor through Secretary of State

Current RAIN Member Referral Name & Contact Information



RAIN is very selective in approving new membership registrations for Go-Live Support or other RAIN engagements. If your registration is approved, you will be notified within 5 days of registration. If you do not receive notification, your membership request was deniedIF YOU DO NOT INCLUDE THE NAME OF THE RAIN PERSON WHO REFERRED YOU TO US YOUR MEMBERSHIP WILL BE DENIED.

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