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Interested in joining a Go-Live Support Team?

Providers (physicians, nurses, P.A.’s, N.P.’s, pharmacists) and support staff interested in supporting an Epic Go-Live are invited to REGISTER as a new member of RAIN Resources. If you are approved for membership, go-live support needs will vary from a few hours to several days, depending upon the particular effort.  Resources providing Go-Live Services are required to use PTO to participate and will be paid a competitive rate for their work.

RAIN’s Go-Live Support Service Provides Opportunities For:

  • Healthcare employees to gain experience in helping other organizations during Epic Go-Live events, while getting paid as independent consultants for their time. Employers of these Go-Live Resources are protected by the contracts created by RAIN to make these opportunities possible.
  • Healthcare organizations to utilize the best local Epic user resources to enhance the success of an Epic implementation or Go-Live event.
  • Cost management and savings for healthcare organizations during these temporary, but intense, engagements or events.

RAIN go-live resources work in new Epic environments, earn additional income, and enhance their Epic experience.


Membership Approval Expectations:

  • RAIN works hard to provide opportunities to existing members who have worked with us many years, and also members approved recently.  We only approve new members when we feel we need to add to our team in order to staff an upcoming project.  If we feel sufficient members exist, we do not add members. 
  • Anyone registering for membership may stay in the Approval Queue for weeks or months.  If you are approved the system will send you a contact email with next steps.
  • If you are approved as a new member of RAIN you would need to submit a RAIN Application and any other forms that allow you to be paid legally by RAIN.  The Registration form that you submitted does not replace the legal need for a RAIN Application. 
  • Anyone working with RAIN as a 1099 need to provide a W-9 with a valid Business Tax ID (EIN) and the name of your legal corporate organization.  In order to establish a legitimate B2B relationship RAIN does not allow 1099 consultants to use their Social Security Number on a W-9 form.

Physicians University“I have supported a dozen go-lives over the past two years, a few with other consulting firms. Though the other consulting firms are able to staff the engagements, it seems that 80% of the staff they provide have never encountered Epic before, and are from non-U.S. medical schools. RAIN provides the most reliable teams of go-live consultants, pays a competitive hourly rate, and doesn’t nickle-and-dime their consultants.”
– Physician & University of Minnesota Medical School Graduate (2012)

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